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Zombie Invasion Shootout Hayride

(sponsored by Quickshot Paintball and Airsoft)

Friday & Saturday, 7:00pm - closing (see ticket sales information)

The Zombie apocalypse has come to V & V Adventure Farm. Help save the farm by joining the "hunt". We have built a zombie destroying trailer and a special kind of weapon and ammo to stop these flesh eating zombies. Help us contain the infestation. Join us today and help us save the world!
The zombies will not be shooting back at you. The guns are mounted to arcade like swivels so you cannot shoot your neighbor and they cannot shoot you. You cannot bring any of your own ammo. We will supply everything you need.

Age limit:
We recommend ages 10 and up. Children younger than 10 years may not be able to reach the mounted guns. For your safety, no lap riding is allowed.

See Pricing and Activities page for details.